Anna Corti and Lilli Tricot are the top brands by ALL FASHION, a very Italian company, strategically based between Como and Milan, at 20 minutes’ drive from Malpensa Airport. Founded at the end of the ‘90s by Giulio Corti, ALL FASHION designs and produces knitwear in Italy which is then distributed in both the domestic and the international market. Over all these years, the company has become more structured and has improved production quality, while producing also for prestigious Italian and foreign brands. Besides using the most innovative technology in the field, which is essential for a cutting-edge production, our philosophy of business does not forget, indeed, aims at preserving the traditional hand-crafted production by guaranteeing the utmost care in each production step: from yarn knitting to garment making and final packaging for shipment.

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A very significant point of strength for ALL FASHION is the quite comprehensive range of colours. After so many years of research and consolidated relationships with the best Italian spinning mills, we are today capable of sampling and producing our items based on a very rich supply of color palette. Within the framework of our exclusive commitment to the very MADE IN ITALY, our customers can choose among over 400 color tones, divided into different yarn compositions. A quite important service inside our production field, a winning attribute that makes us exclusive and precious.

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The cashmere, is a quite precious fiber obtained from a cashmere goat named Capra hircus. Cashmere is fine in texture: silky, light and soft, while providing a warm and velvety touch. Cashmere is collected during the spring moulting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat; the hair is removed by hand through the combing process, thus resulting in an average production of de-haired pure and fine cashmere fiber of 100 and 200 grams (about 1/3 lb). Cashmere Features The very physical features of cashmere and its soft, light and velvety fiber stand out as the main reasons for making this fabric so precious and noble. Fibers are extremely fine and this makes cashmere one of the most difficult fibers to be treated and knitted. The excellent insulation properties of cashmere are due to the presence of thousands of microscopic air holes resulting from spinning. Wool is the natural textile fiber obtained from sheep. It has a lower rate of flame spread and offers thermoplastic features too. Insulation is not only against cold but also heat: some African people indeed, use it as a protection against both day heat and night cold. Wool features The wool fiber is hygroscopic: it can absorb moisture almost one-third of its own weight without delivering any feeling of wet. The wool fiber is very elastic, crease-resistant and therefore wear-resistant too. Breathability: through a protective function, it absorbs excessive moisture and releases it into the environment through a constant transpiration process. Thermal insulation: excellent insulation either against cold and heat, because of its keratin content; thanks to this hair-like substance, wool is endowed with extremely high insulating properties, generated by the air-hole effect inside the fibers. The wool fiber is antistatic: it is resistant to static electricity while enjoying the benefit of not retaining dust. Flexibility: wool enjoys some natural elasticity that makes it crease resistant; it allows any stretching and twisting while letting it recover its original shape.

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Each production step is fully carried out in Italy by using Italian yarns as well as Italian technologies and creativity. Each individual garment is granted the utmost care: learned from tradition and needed to supply a product which is the very expression of the “Made-in-Italy” quality and also complies with the valuable requirements of our customers.



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